autumn 2

Today 2nd Class learnt all about Autumn and went on a short Nature Walk around the school observing the signs of Autumn all around us. Can you remember some of the signs of Autumn that you saw? What months are in the Season of Autumn?

On our walk we noticed that some trees lose their leaves in Autumn (Deciduous Trees) and some trees stay green all year round (Evergreen Trees). Can you name any Deciduous Trees? What colours do the leaves turn?

5 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Hi Ms Breen, I’m going to try out one of those number square games. Please can we try out another one of those videos. My brain was fried after that maths worksheet but it was still fun. Please can I have lots of maths like that. Ben

  2. to miss breen, i went on a nature walk last night. i collected lots of conkers and leaves and i made a nest with them. from emily.

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