OWLS – Outdoor Wildlife Learning Survival

This week second class had their first visit from Claire AKA Turtle from the OWLS Club. She will be coming to visit us once a month to teach us all about Irish Wildlife. This week she asked us to pick an Irish Wild Animal that we would like to become an expert on. We had to draw a picture of the animal and describe it. Here are our great animal choices….

Planting Daffodils

On Tuesday Fiona from Windyridge Garden Centre came to visit. We planted Daffodil bulbs which we are able to grow at home. Don’t forget to water them and put them somewhere that they will get lots of sunlight!


The Wizard of Oz – Preparing for our trip to the National Concert Hall

Next week First and Second class will be going on a very exciting trip to the National Concert Hall. The National Symphony Orchestra will be playing music to the songs we have been practicing over the last few weeks and  we are really looking forward to singing along on the day.

Here is the link to all the music that we have been practicing.


Here is a nice powerpoint of the lyrics to ‘The Wizard of Oz Medley’ and ‘Songs for Children’

Wizard of Oz Medley

Tomorrow we are going to start practicing the Sings ‘Roar’ and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. There are some actions on the link above if you want to get a head start on your dance moves : )

Our Symmetrical Monsters


This week we have been exploring symmetry all around us. There is symmetry in both the natural and man-mad environment.

If you look around you now can you see anything that is symmetrical in shape? Look more closely and see if the line of symmetry is DIAGONAL, VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.

Science week and the comet touchdown!


The landing of Rosetta’s Philae probe on a comet was a very exciting addition to our science week. It was a huge scientific breakthrough because it was the first controlled landing on a comet.

Philae had been travelling through space for 10 years which means that it took off 2 or 3 years before most of 2nd class were even born.

Here’s the lovely video on space that we were watching ….

Take a look at our final 2 experiments of the week. Osmosis and The Tornado.


The Tornado

We made a mini tornado today but luckily it was much safer than the one in The Wizard of Oz 🙂

We put water, washing liquid and glitter into a bottle and spun it around. We saw a whirlwind effect which was just like a tornado.

Science Week – Day 3

Today we paired up with 4th class for a very exciting experiment – The Diet Coke & Mentos Eruption.

When we put the Mentos into the bottles of the Diet Coke a huge GEYSER came flying out of the bottle. This is because the Mentos broke the surface tension and the carbon dioxide was released in the forms of bubbles..

Science Week – Day 2


Science week has landed at a very interesting time as only yesterday astronaut  Alexander Gerst along with 2 other astronauts ended their 6-month BLUE DOT MISSION in space. Can you remember why he called it the Blue Dot Mission?

Mission Blue Dot’s main focus was to contribute to new discoveries to make earth a better place to live.

We looked at the European Space Agency website which gave us a good insight into what it’s like to live in space and the challenges that Alexander Gerst would face in order to survive in space. Can you remember the differences between living on space and on earth?

Here is a link to the ESA website so you can explore some more.


Here are some of Alexander Gerst’s videos about his mission.

We also completed our second experiment of the week – The Rocket Launch. We used a balloon, a piece of string, a straw and some tape to complete the experiment. We blew up the balloon and attached it to the straw. The string acted as the control so when we let the air out of the balloon it pushed forward exactly like hot burning gases rushing out of a rocket.

Here are some pictures of us completing the experiment. It was such good fun 🙂

It’s Science Week

science week

To start off science week today we looked at ELECTRICITY and we realised how much we depend on electricity. We need it for light, heat, computers, TV’s and phones etc.

Have a look at our pictures from today’s ‘Static Electricity’ balloon experiment where we observed positive and negative electrons attracting and causing movement. – Opposites Attract 🙂

Examining 2-D shapes in Paul Klee’s ‘Castle and Sun’

When we looked really closely at this piece of ABSTRACT art we noticed that Paul Klee used rectangles, triangles, squares, semi-circles and a circle to complete his work.

Here are some of our excellent interpretations of his work…