Science Week – Day 2


Science week has landed at a very interesting time as only yesterday astronaut  Alexander Gerst along with 2 other astronauts ended their 6-month BLUE DOT MISSION in space. Can you remember why he called it the Blue Dot Mission?

Mission Blue Dot’s main focus was to contribute to new discoveries to make earth a better place to live.

We looked at the European Space Agency website which gave us a good insight into what it’s like to live in space and the challenges that Alexander Gerst would face in order to survive in space. Can you remember the differences between living on space and on earth?

Here is a link to the ESA website so you can explore some more.

Here are some of Alexander Gerst’s videos about his mission.

We also completed our second experiment of the week – The Rocket Launch. We used a balloon, a piece of string, a straw and some tape to complete the experiment. We blew up the balloon and attached it to the straw. The string acted as the control so when we let the air out of the balloon it pushed forward exactly like hot burning gases rushing out of a rocket.

Here are some pictures of us completing the experiment. It was such good fun 🙂

8 thoughts on “Science Week – Day 2

  1. Hi miss Breen
    I told my dad about the guy in space I told my dad that he landed on the 10th of November and the month of the year rhyme.
    By Keelin. 🙂

  2. Hi miss Breen
    I have the answers to them. On space there is no gravity that’s what makes you float around all the time.
    Keelin 🙂

  3. Hi miss Breen
    I have the answer.
    Earth was a blue dot when they looked back from space, so the mission was called the blue dot mission due to the photograph they took of earth.
    By Keelin 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Breen. I think the difference between earth and space is there is no gravity and no air and no water in space. Hannah

  5. Hi Miss Breen. I know what the difference between Earth and the Moon is because Earth has life on it and Earth has water on it too.

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