Our Symmetrical Monsters


This week we have been exploring symmetry all around us. There is symmetry in both the natural and man-mad environment.

If you look around you now can you see anything that is symmetrical in shape? Look more closely and see if the line of symmetry is DIAGONAL, VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.

5 thoughts on “Our Symmetrical Monsters

  1. Hi second class
    those symmetrical monster are really good and i also heard that you are doing your
    Christmas carol and i hope that goes well.

  2. Hi Miss Breen
    i really enjoyed making the symmetrical monsters and my favourite song from The Wizard of Oz is “Over the Rainbow”. I was listening to it when I was doing my homework.

    FROM EDIE!!!!!!

  3. Hi Miss Breen
    I was looking at our symmetrical monsters when mum came over she said they were all very beautiful!!

    from Keelin 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Breen,
    I know some things that our symmetrical in shape. The chair, the sofa, the fire place, the TV and our piano.

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