OWLS – Visit 2 from Claire

Claire was back in with 2nd class yesterday. This week we learnt about how animals survive in winter. Animals find it very hard to survive the winter as there is very little food for them to eat.  When we went out to the garden to play some hibernation and migration games we really realised how difficult it is for them.

She was really impressed with all of our wild animal choices, our drawing and descriptions. This months task is to find out all about our animals diet. We have to research what they eat naturally in the WILD. We also have to decide if our animal is a CARNIVORE, HERBIVORE or an OMNIVORE. Can you remember what these words mean?

5 thoughts on “OWLS – Visit 2 from Claire

  1. Ms Breen, are these the answers to your question?
    HERBIVORE= an animal that eats plants only.
    OMNIVORE=an animal that eats meat and plants.
    CARNIVORE=an animal that feeds off other animals so basically, they eat meat
    Rory McPherson 3rd class

    Abigail’s animal, the otter, is a carnivore.

  2. Hi Miss Breen
    a herbivore eats plants and a carnivore eats meat and an omnivore eats plants and meat. my animal, a deer is a herbivore!!!

  3. Hi Miss Breen
    A herbivore only eats plants and a carnivore only eats meat and an omnivore eats plants and meat. My animal is a dolphin it is a carnivore. I have some facts about dolphins. Dolphins can stay up to15 minutes under water but they cannot breath under water. Dolphins live in groups formed by 10 to 12 individuals. The largest dolphin is the killer whale (also known as Orca).

    By from Keelin 🙂

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