Dublin Zoo

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All of the pupils at Kill o’the Grange had a great day on Tuesday because Jim from Dublin Zoo came to visit every class. He shared some fascinating facts about the animals at Dublin Zoo and their habitats with us. He gave us all all some “special homework” which I’m sure was lots of fun!?

He brought some amazing preserved animal remains which we got to touch and examine at the end of his talk. Take a look at some of them here….

Our OWLS Pendants

Claire aka Turtle was back with us last week. She brought pendants and we all put a stamp of the animals we are becoming experts on onto them. The pendants are made from holly trees because these evergreen trees are a symbol of protection. We are going to take really good care of them and bring them back into school when she visits us again.

This weeks task is to find out all about our animals HABITAT.


Antarctica and the Aurora Australis


After a great week of learning about the Arctic we moved onto learning about the Antarctic. We played a great game where we shared fun facts with our friends and tried to remember all of the facts as a whole class. Can you remember any of these facts now?

Although there are many similarities between the two poles there are also a lot of differences. Can you remember any of these?

Take another listen to our song which might remind you of a few…..

Using chalk pastels we made great Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) Silhouette pictures which look great on our classroom wall. Take a look at some of them here…

This scene from Happy Feet is what inspired us 🙂

Hip Hop Around the Clock


2nd class hove been working on their time telling skills since they got back from their Christmas holidays. We have been learning to tell the time in quarter-hours on both the analogue and digital clock. We made our own clocks and have been hip hoping around them getting lots of practice telling the time.

Here are the clocks that we made and our hip hop song. We stopped on the hour and hopped forwards and backwards in quarter and half hour intervals 🙂

Today we undertook some timed challenges…. Take a look at what we,be been up to….

We have a nice clock display on our wall to help us recognise where the clock hands are at important times during the day.


The Arctic

the arctic

This week 2nd class learned all about the Arctic region, the northernmost part of the Earth. We learnt all about the animals that live there and created some amazing chalk pastel pictures of them.

We learnt that these animals, like living things all over the world are INTERDEPENDENT. Can you remember what this means? We made FOOD CHAINS which show how we depend on other living things to survive.

We imagined what it would be like to visit the Arctic and wrote postcards to 2nd class back in Dublin from the Arctic.

We learnt a new song called Okki-Tokki-Unga about an Inuit in the Arctic who went fishing for a seal. We made up actions to the song to tell his story.

Thank you Lydia for bringing in her David Attenborough DVD about the Arctic. Here’s a clip from the DVD

Next week we will be learning about the Antarctic, the most sothern region on Earth. We are looking forward to comparing the two polar regions.