Dublin Zoo

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All of the pupils at Kill o’the Grange had a great day on Tuesday because Jim from Dublin Zoo came to visit every class. He shared some fascinating facts about the animals at Dublin Zoo and their habitats with us. He gave us all all some “special homework” which I’m sure was lots of fun!?

He brought some amazing preserved animal remains which we got to touch and examine at the end of his talk. Take a look at some of them here….

8 thoughts on “Dublin Zoo

  1. Hello miss Breen
    I learnt that male turtles stay under water all their life and female turtles live under the water most of their life but they go to the beach when it is time to lay their eggs in the sand.
    I really loved Jim.:)

  2. Hi miss Breen when I heard that Elephants didn’t make a sound when they walk I was,amazed I told my mum that Elephants never make a noise when they walk.😜

  3. Hi Miss Breen My cousin told me some facts about red pandas. They grow as big as a cat and wrap their tails around them like a blanket to keep warm! Red pandas are in danger of becoming extinct that means they will be gone like the dinosaurs.from Hannah

  4. Dear Miss Breen
    My brother Rory is doing a project on the moose
    The moose is normally found in Canada
    Where my dad is from.
    From Abigail

  5. I have a fact about giraffes. A male giraffe can weigh as much as a pick up truck!! thats about up to 1400 kilograms.

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