Our OWLS Pendants

Claire aka Turtle was back with us last week. She brought pendants and we all put a stamp of the animals we are becoming experts on onto them. The pendants are made from holly trees because these evergreen trees are a symbol of protection. We are going to take really good care of them and bring them back into school when she visits us again.

This weeks task is to find out all about our animals HABITAT.


5 thoughts on “Our OWLS Pendants

  1. Hi Miss Breen I’ve been wearing my necklace and I probably will be able to make one for my brothers as well I really want to know when Clare aka Tuttle is coming back


  2. Hi Miss Breen my Dad told me that it is easy to tell a bird of prey because it has a sharp pointy beak and sharp talons for catching it’s prey. Here are some examples: A sparrowhawk, an owl, an eagle, a kestral and a kite.


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