Engineers week – Our trip to Imaginosity


During Engineers Week we took time to appreciate all that engineers do to make our world a better place. Can you think of something that you like using or seeing that was made or improved by an engineer?

Engineers use science and maths to solve problems and improve the world around us.

This year we learnt a very advanced scientific word…. PNEUMATICS!
Pneumatics is energy created from trapped air. It is very important for powering things from air brakes in trucks and busses to bouncy castles!

When we went to Imaginosity we made “Box Monsters” to help us understand how air trapped inside something can have a lot of force and power. Take a look at the ‘Second Class Engineers’ in action!

We also had some time to explore the museum…

2 thoughts on “Engineers week – Our trip to Imaginosity

  1. Hello miss Breen
    Engineers design cars and make them more and more energy efficient so that they will be better for the environment!!!

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