The Journey of a letter

an post

2nd class spent a week discovering more about the world of their local post office. Take a look at what we got up too….

We each wrote a letter to someone in the class, as it was just after half term we told our friend about some of the fun and interesting things that we did. We put the letters into an envelope and addressed it to :

Second Class,

Kill o’ the Grange


Co. Dublin


We then went to our local post box and posted the letters. We learnt about the journey the letters went on before they came back to Second Class.

We really enjoyed reading the letters that our friends wrote to us. Here are some of the letters.

We walked to the post box and posted our letters.

Here are all the steps our letters took before they came back to us.

The very next day we got our letters back!


For art we examined some Irish Stamps and then made our own stamp collection.

In drama we set up a little post office in the classroom and in small groups we acted out some different situations that might happen at the post office.

Finally, in creative writing we imagined a letter that we would just love to receive. We had a really enjoyable and creative lesson writing those exact letters to ourselves.  Our imaginations went on all sorts of journeys….

2 thoughts on “The Journey of a letter

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