Our Feathered Friends


Birds are a very hot topic at the moment in 2nd Class!!!!!

We have been observing them for the past couple of week and learning more and more about these fascinating creatures by the day.

As our classroom overlooks a lovely garden we have been busy spotting all sorts of interesting birds that come to visit. Some even stay to take a nibble at the school bird feeders 🙂 We have posters on the walls to help us recognise them and a chart to keep track of the types of birds that are back from migration.

Birds have very distinctive features so there are many ways of identifying them including their size, colour, shape bill, feat, wings and song.

Working in groups went on a walk with Clare trying to identify different types of birds around our school.

We have a lovely wall display of feathered friends that we created during an art class. Here are a few of them….

And for the highlight of the year so far….. This week we made our very own bird feeders with Clare!!!!!!

We were able to take home to feed all of the wonderful birds that visit our gardens 🙂

7 thoughts on “Our Feathered Friends

  1. Hi Miss Breen. My Dad thought the bird feeders were brilliant. The birds have already eaten half of the nuts. Hannah

  2. Hi miss Breen
    I have two facts about birds. Birds have hollow bones which help them to flyand the humming bird can fly backwards.

  3. Hi Miss Breen,
    recently I have seen a lot of birds in my garden like the blackbirds and magpies.
    Did you know that the ostrich is the biggest bird and can run faster than a car ?

    Edie 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Breen,
    I saw lots of birds in my garden yesterday
    I saw 6 magpies,4 blackbirds and 3 robenes
    I alsow saw lots of little birds eating my bird food and it is all gone.

  5. Hello miss Breen,
    I went to a lake on Saturday and I saw a swan here are some facts about swans. Swans live everywhere but Africa and Antarctica. Swans in Australia and south America are black or white. Male swans are called cobs. female swans are called pens. swans are herbivores = eat plants only. We bought some more bird seed and put it in my bird feeder my little sister made a bird feeder in Montessori and we filled it too and we put them both outside lets hope the birds are hungry!!!!!!! Sophie

  6. Hi Miss Breen. My Dad told me that woodpeckers are now living in Wicklow but when he was small there were no woodpeckers living in Ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hannah

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