Hello Hobnob the Hedgehog


Today Clare AKA Turtle was back in 2nd class and she brought a very special visitor with her…. A hedgehog called Hobnob.

She told us lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs and about Hobnob himself.

We then put our text books to good use and used them to make an animal pen in which Hobnob roamed around.

After that we all got a chance to hold Hobnob 🙂

The Sensory Garden


Last week Mrs Richards took 2nd class out to the garden to show us the new Sensory Garden that she was busy working on over the Easter holidays. The garden is the shape of a pentagon which has 5 sides and angles. Each of the angles has plants that allow us to use a specific sense. Can you list your five senses? Can you remember any of the names of the plants in the garden?

Mrs. Richards then took us on a walk through the Daffodil Maze…. Thank you Mrs. Richards for a lovely afternoon in the garden. If you haven’t been to visit it yet it’s well worth a look.