Turtle brought more visitors

Today Turtle was back with 2nd class and she brought some amphibians with her…. She taught us about the life cycle of a frog and then let us look at Shiny and Spotty the newts and some tadpoles!

Can you remember the 3 types of amphibians that we can find in Ireland?

Can you remember the sages of the amphibians life cycle?

This is a good time of year to spot frogs in ponds so keep your eyes pealed for them!

14 thoughts on “Turtle brought more visitors

  1. Hi Miss Breen, my Dad thought the tadpoles and newts were really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that tadpoles only swim up stream my Dad has also seen three newts. Hannah

  2. Hi Miss Breen,
    I can name the three amphibans that live in Ireland
    the frog,the toad and the newt.
    A frogs egg is called frogsborn and then turns into a tadpole!

  3. Hi Miss Breen .I now what the three amphibians in Ireland are, they are a Toad, a Newt, and a Frog.My granny and grandad have loads of frogs and loads of tadpoles in their pond. Henry:)

  4. Hi,
    I know the three amphibians that live in Ireland. The toad, the newt and the frog. I showed my mum the life cycle of a frog on my whiteboard last night I also told her how a frog attracts a female frog he sits by a pond and croaks loudly but it’s also quite dangerous because predators could hear him my mum was impressed by how much we learnt.

  5. Hi Miss Breen, I know the life cycle of a frog. They are laid as eggs with their 1,999 siblings. Then they grow tails and start to eat their egg. They hatch as tadpoles and eat greenery. But some of the bigger tadpoles will eat their smaller siblings. Then they grow legs the tail falls off and they become froglets. 2 years later they have their own eggs.

  6. Hi miss Breen,

    I know what the three different amphibians in Ireland are they are frogs toads and newts.

  7. I can remember the stages of a frogs life cycle. First the frog is born it is inside a jelly ball the jelly ball is called frogspawn and the frog is surrounded by the jelly ball. Then the frog eats it’s way out of the jelly ball to keep itself living. Once it is out it becomes a sliver which means it is a herbivore now. Some of the frogs go too near droppings which makes them not grow anymore but the ones who don’t go near the droppings grow and the ones that grow more become omnivores. Now the ones who are still growing have started to grow their back legs and then their front legs, their tail shrinks and they are now froglets. in about 2 years time they will be hatching eggs of their own.

  8. Hi Miss Breen I know the lifecycle of a frog.First they start off as frogspawn then then the frog will eat through the jelly that is from the frogspawn. After that they are swimming around the lake or wherever they were laid and they are now called tadpoles. They grow bigger but a few of the tadpoles go to near to some of their droppings and that causes them not to grow any more and the bigger tadpoles eat them.Now the tadpoles have grown their back legs and are starting to grow their front legs. Soon after they have grown their legs the get out of the water and now they are froglets.A little while after they come out of the water they turn into frogs!!! About two years later they are laying their own eggs. Hannah

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