Thursday 8th December

Good morning everyone and welcome to our 4th diary entry of the week. We started off this morning by playing maths games in groups. We play maths games every Thursday. The maths games are really fun but it makes our brains work at the same time. Some of the games we play are called Rocket Race, Sea Time and Snakes and Ladders. While we were busy playing games, Anita was busy putting up our Christmas tree and Ellen was busy sorting out the costumes for our Christmas Play. 

We had a lovely time out on yard. We needed to give our brains a rest after all their hard work this morning. When we came back in from yard we had some relaxing DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. Olaf were the lucky table to be  able to sit in the library today. Afterwards we had to write our diary entry for yesterday as we didn’t have any time to do it. After lunch we will be going into the hall to practise our play with Mrs. Baker. This will be the first time we have practised outside of the classroom and we are very excited about it. 

Delayed Wednesday 7th December diary entry

We are very sorry that we didn’t get to post a diary entry yesterday but we were extremely busy. We had a great morning playing GAA with Darren, we have some pictures below for you to see us in action. 

We were practising our hand passes here and we are getting really good at them.

We were playing ball tag in this picture. It is really tiring but we still had great fun.

After GAA some of the children from 5th class came down to help us learn our lines for the play and practise our expressions. It was fun working with an older class and we really apprectiated them helping us. They gave us some helpful hints if we forget one of our lines. They really encouraged us to enjoy practising and performing the play. We have so much more confidence now because of their help. They told us that it doesn’t always have to be perfect but to try our best and have fun! We also took some pictures in our groups with our 5th class helpers.

Tuesday 6th December

Welcome to part two of our diary. As always we started our day by writing down our homework and doing our mental maths. In Irish we were learning our spellings. Today we focused on the word sneachta. Some of the sentences we came up with were “Is maith liom sneachta”, “lá fuar atá ann” and “tá fear sneachta sa ghairdín.”

After Irish we moved on to Maths. We started a new topic today, we were looking at calendars. We each got a calendar for the month of December and filled in each of the important dates. We discovered that December is a very busy month for us. We have 4 birthdays in the class and 2 of the teacher’s birthdays were today. We also realised that it is only 14 days to our Christmas Play! 

After break we practised our Christmas play in front of Mrs. McBain and she thought we were all brilliant. We had a lovely lunch and play in the yard. Afterwards we made some fabulous looking Christmas cards that will be brought home with us today. We had an amazing day in school. Don’t forget to check back in with us tomorrow. 

Our Second Class Diary – Monday 5th December

This week we will be writing a diary, we will be writing a new diary entry each day. We are writing this diary so that you know just how busy and hardworking we are here in Second Class. We got the idea to write a diary from a book we are reading called ‘Diary of a Writer’. We hope you enjoy reading our diary.

As soon as we get to school the hard work begins. We have to write down our homework and do our mental maths. At 8:50 we put our pencils down and stand up to do our morning ‘Wake Up and Shake Up!’ This morning we danced to the song ‘Life of the Party’. Our very own monster, Blob Ross, evolved onto level 2. 

Afterwards we began practising for our Christmas Play. We did really well, we would rate our performance as an 8 today. Throughout our play we were singing our songs. We are all really excited to perform our play for you all. After our hard work performing it was time for break. We had a great time out in yard. 

We hope you enjoyed our diary and don’t forget to look at it again tomorrow.

To be continued…

Advent Calendars 

We are extremely busy in Second class at the moment. Practise for our Christmas Play is in full swing and we are enjoying every minute of it. We can’t wait for all of you to see it. 

Last week we took a nice break from all of our hard work to enjoy a nice art lesson. I’m sure most of you have heard and seen by now that we made our very own Advent calendars. The children were working away and creating some magical looking calendars that will certainly put you in the Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoy these wonderful works of art as much as we have enjoyed making them.