Tuesday 6th December

Welcome to part two of our diary. As always we started our day by writing down our homework and doing our mental maths. In Irish we were learning our spellings. Today we focused on the word sneachta. Some of the sentences we came up with were “Is maith liom sneachta”, “lá fuar atá ann” and “tá fear sneachta sa ghairdín.”

After Irish we moved on to Maths. We started a new topic today, we were looking at calendars. We each got a calendar for the month of December and filled in each of the important dates. We discovered that December is a very busy month for us. We have 4 birthdays in the class and 2 of the teacher’s birthdays were today. We also realised that it is only 14 days to our Christmas Play! 

After break we practised our Christmas play in front of Mrs. McBain and she thought we were all brilliant. We had a lovely lunch and play in the yard. Afterwards we made some fabulous looking Christmas cards that will be brought home with us today. We had an amazing day in school. Don’t forget to check back in with us tomorrow. 

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