Delayed Wednesday 7th December diary entry

We are very sorry that we didn’t get to post a diary entry yesterday but we were extremely busy. We had a great morning playing GAA with Darren, we have some pictures below for you to see us in action. 

We were practising our hand passes here and we are getting really good at them.

We were playing ball tag in this picture. It is really tiring but we still had great fun.

After GAA some of the children from 5th class came down to help us learn our lines for the play and practise our expressions. It was fun working with an older class and we really apprectiated them helping us. They gave us some helpful hints if we forget one of our lines. They really encouraged us to enjoy practising and performing the play. We have so much more confidence now because of their help. They told us that it doesn’t always have to be perfect but to try our best and have fun! We also took some pictures in our groups with our 5th class helpers.

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