Thursday 8th December

Good morning everyone and welcome to our 4th diary entry of the week. We started off this morning by playing maths games in groups. We play maths games every Thursday. The maths games are really fun but it makes our brains work at the same time. Some of the games we play are called Rocket Race, Sea Time and Snakes and Ladders. While we were busy playing games, Anita was busy putting up our Christmas tree and Ellen was busy sorting out the costumes for our Christmas Play. 

We had a lovely time out on yard. We needed to give our brains a rest after all their hard work this morning. When we came back in from yard we had some relaxing DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. Olaf were the lucky table to be  able to sit in the library today. Afterwards we had to write our diary entry for yesterday as we didn’t have any time to do it. After lunch we will be going into the hall to practise our play with Mrs. Baker. This will be the first time we have practised outside of the classroom and we are very excited about it. 

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