OWLS Trip to Fitzsimons Park 

Turtle brought more visitors

Today Turtle was back with 2nd class and she brought some amphibians with her…. She taught us about the life cycle of a frog and then let us look at Shiny and Spotty the newts and some tadpoles!

Can you remember the 3 types of amphibians that we can find in Ireland?

Can you remember the sages of the amphibians life cycle?

This is a good time of year to spot frogs in ponds so keep your eyes pealed for them!

Busy at Maths

Last week 6th class came to help us with our maths 🙂

We have moved onto our multiplication tables. We have discovered that multiplication is just like repeated addition. for example 2+2+2= 6 and 3X2=6. Last week we learnt our 2 times tables. This week we are learning our 5 times tables.

Planet Earth

The Month of April was World Earth Month and April 22nd was World Earth Day. Take a look at what we’ve been up to to celebrate it…. IMG_1024.JPG We discovered that when astronauts look at earth from space our planet is not completely smooth. It has humps (mountains) and hollows (valleys). We explored pointillism during art to create this affect on globes. We were very successful in demonstrating what planet earth looks like in space. We sketched some of the 7 continents and used green paint to colour them. We used blue paint to create the 5 oceans. Can you remember the names of the 5 oceans and 7 continents? What shape is earth? We’re Going Green!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DJ45Yc3urg IMG_1026.JPG We looked at ways that we can protect our planet and used the three ‘R’s to guide us. We drew a picture of something we can REDUCE our consumption of, something we can REUSE and something we can RECYCLE. When we hung them on string we made this cool wall display. We used recycled paper for all of our drawings! We wrote poems about Planet Earth during creative writing and typed them out during our computer time. Here are some examples. They are all wonderful and the rest are on display in our classroom so come and have a look.

Henry took world Earth day very seriously and filled two bags with rubbish from around his neighborhood. Well done Henry! IMG_2797 (4) 2nd class also cleaned up the court yard during the school clean up day last week. Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

Hello Hobnob the Hedgehog


Today Clare AKA Turtle was back in 2nd class and she brought a very special visitor with her…. A hedgehog called Hobnob.

She told us lots of interesting facts about hedgehogs and about Hobnob himself.

We then put our text books to good use and used them to make an animal pen in which Hobnob roamed around.

After that we all got a chance to hold Hobnob 🙂

The Sensory Garden


Last week Mrs Richards took 2nd class out to the garden to show us the new Sensory Garden that she was busy working on over the Easter holidays. The garden is the shape of a pentagon which has 5 sides and angles. Each of the angles has plants that allow us to use a specific sense. Can you list your five senses? Can you remember any of the names of the plants in the garden?

Mrs. Richards then took us on a walk through the Daffodil Maze…. Thank you Mrs. Richards for a lovely afternoon in the garden. If you haven’t been to visit it yet it’s well worth a look.

Our Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Today we made Easter bunnies and went on an Easter Egg Hunt to fill them with eggs.

Happy Easter everyone!

Our Feathered Friends


Birds are a very hot topic at the moment in 2nd Class!!!!!

We have been observing them for the past couple of week and learning more and more about these fascinating creatures by the day.

As our classroom overlooks a lovely garden we have been busy spotting all sorts of interesting birds that come to visit. Some even stay to take a nibble at the school bird feeders 🙂 We have posters on the walls to help us recognise them and a chart to keep track of the types of birds that are back from migration.

Birds have very distinctive features so there are many ways of identifying them including their size, colour, shape bill, feat, wings and song.

Working in groups went on a walk with Clare trying to identify different types of birds around our school.

We have a lovely wall display of feathered friends that we created during an art class. Here are a few of them….

And for the highlight of the year so far….. This week we made our very own bird feeders with Clare!!!!!!

We were able to take home to feed all of the wonderful birds that visit our gardens 🙂

The Journey of a letter

an post

2nd class spent a week discovering more about the world of their local post office. Take a look at what we got up too….

We each wrote a letter to someone in the class, as it was just after half term we told our friend about some of the fun and interesting things that we did. We put the letters into an envelope and addressed it to :

Second Class,

Kill o’ the Grange


Co. Dublin


We then went to our local post box and posted the letters. We learnt about the journey the letters went on before they came back to Second Class.

We really enjoyed reading the letters that our friends wrote to us. Here are some of the letters.

We walked to the post box and posted our letters.

Here are all the steps our letters took before they came back to us.

The very next day we got our letters back!


For art we examined some Irish Stamps and then made our own stamp collection.

In drama we set up a little post office in the classroom and in small groups we acted out some different situations that might happen at the post office.

Finally, in creative writing we imagined a letter that we would just love to receive. We had a really enjoyable and creative lesson writing those exact letters to ourselves.  Our imaginations went on all sorts of journeys….